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About the book

"Inspired by scientific progress... driven by an author dripping with talent, this is as good as modern reading gets."

- New Scientist Christmas Books Special: Best of 2008

What links a café in Antarctica, a factory for producing electronic https://www.bettingsiteonline.co.tz tracking tags and a casino where gamblers can wager their shoes? They're among the multiple venues where Tania Hershman sets her unique tales in this spellbinding debut collection.

Fleeing from tragedy, a bereaved mother opens a cafe on the road to the South Pole. A town which has always suffered extreme cold enjoys sudden warmth www.bettingsiteonline.co.tz/. A stranger starts plaiting a young woman's hair. A rabbi comes face to face with an angel in a car park. A young man's potential is instantly snuffed out by Nature's whims. A lonely widow bakes cakes in the shape of test tubes and DNA.

A number of these stories are inspired by articles from science magazines, taking fact as their starting points and wondering what might happen if . . .? In these surreal, lyrical stories, many of which are only a few pages long, Tania Hershman allows her imagination free rein, as her characters navigate through love, death, friendship, spirituality, mental illness http://www.bettingsiteonline.co.tz and the havoc wreaked by the weather.

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About the author

Tania Hershman was born in London in 1970 and in 1994 moved to Jerusalem, Israel, where she now lives with her partner.  
This is her first book.
Tania is a former science journalist and her award-winning short stories combine her two loves: fiction and science. Many of Tania’s stories, which have been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and published in print and online, are inspired by articles from popular science magazines.  In November 2007, she founded The Short Review, a unique website dedicated to reviewing short story collections.

For more on Tania's current projects, visit TaniaHershman.com or 
 Visit me in the Red Room
Tania is partnering with Eco-Libris to balance out her book by planting a tree for every copy.